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Automatic Field Calculations for Sage ACT!
Add automatic calculations to your contact, group, company or opportunity layouts! Includes over 50 mathematical, date/time, string, financial functions including an if statement for building scenarios.
Compatible With: Sage ACT!, Versions
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Automatic Field Calculations is the add-on you need if you want to make calculations involving Sage ACT! fields. Calculations may be triggered automatically when you change the value a field. This way, your calculated fields are always up-to-date.

Automatic Field Calculations allows you to run multiple calculations at once for the current contact, company, group and opportunity or for the current contact or opportunity lookup. It also works with companies and groups.

Here are a few examples of what can be done with Automatic Field Calculations
  • Use an If statement to populate a field (ex: if FieldA=valueA then FieldB=valueB else FieldB=valueC, etc.)
  • Copy the content of a field to another field
  • Launch an outside program or document
  • Format a number
  • Calculate an age
  • Blank out a field
  • And all the calculations you can imagine using more than 50 functions! Date/Time, String, Mathematical, Conditional, Statistical, Financial functions.
Other features
  • Calculations and assignment management can be restricted to Admin users.
  • Commented examples are accessible from the Syntax editor window for easy copy and paste in the editor.

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Budgeting, Contact Management, Budgeting, Sales Order Entry, Pricing, Queries/Quotes/Reports, Sales Order Entry, Sales Tax Calculation/Integration, Pricing, Sales Order Entry, Purchase Order Entry, Productivity Tools