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Liaison Messenger EDD
Certified Solution

Automated Business form Distribution for Sage PFW. Messenger EDD utilizes your EXISTING business forms & reports and gives you the ability to assemble predetermined rules of distribution associated to each document.


Compatible With: Sage PFW, Versions 5.5 , 5.6 , 2010
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Messenger EDD utilizes your EXISTING business forms & reports and gives you the ability to assemble predetermined rules of distribution associated to each document. These rules, or scripts, are utilized at the time the reports are printed. Printing procedures of business forms and reports remain consistent with current processes but are printed with Messenger EDD's intelligent print driver. All distribution (emailing, faxing, printing, archiving, routing) is automated and takes place in the background from the Messenger EDD server.


Automated Distribution of Existing Forms & Reports

- Invoices

- Order Confirmations

- Quotations

- Purchase Orders

- Pick Tickets

- AP EFT Remittances

- PR EFT Remittances

- Advanced Ship Notifications


Set Up Unique Scripts to Perform Multiple Tasks at the Time Documents are Printed

Messenger EDD provides the ability to configure unique rules that are associated with each form. From the single function of selecting a print job, Messenger EDD can perform the following tasks:

 - Route form to recipient’s preference (email, fax, print, etc.)

 - Print internal copies of forms to printers in accounting

 - Print to remote printers in warehouses and regional offices.

 - Distribute forms to salesperson listed on document (email, fax, print, etc.)

 - Archive form as a PDF to a desired folder

 - Notify Controller via email that a document has been processed. Triggered based on data on the form.


Automated Archiving of Documents

Automatically archive documents run though Messenger EDD for attaching to other documents through the assembly option or to be manually retrieved at a later date.


Attachments and Document Assembly

Attach additional documents automatically. These attachments can be either static, (i.e. newsletters, updated price lists) or variable based on any data within your document.

Document assembly examples:

 - Purchase Orders to Sales Orders

 - Invoices to Statements

 - MSDS reports to Invoices

 - Customer Invoices previously archived to AP check


Maximizing Marketing Exposure with Clients and Prospects has never been easier!

Automate the emailing and faxing of marketing literature to customers by pulling contact information from your accounting system or from a specific marketing contact list you assign.

 - Newsletters        - Price lists       - Marketing materials

 - Promotions        - Product info.    -  Holiday Greetings


Streamline Processes in Human Resources

Many times companies distribute materials to new employees such as health coverage forms and 401k enrollment documents. Streamline these processes with Messenger EDD’s intelligent distribution of reports by setting up unique scripts that are triggered by accounting data. For example, filter these HR materials based on the employee hire date and let Messenger’s intelligent routing scripts handle the distribution - completely automated.

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Sales Order Entry, Check Processing, Human Resource Management, Payroll, Queries/Quotes/Reports, Sales Order Entry, Archival, Imaging, Records Management, Workflow, Multiple Locations/Warehouses, Sales Order Entry, Purchase Order Entry