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The automated business form processing solution for Sage PFW ERP. Liaison Messenger automates the printing, emailing, faxing, archiving and conditional/filtered routing of business forms. All processed based on preferences of customers, vendors, etc
Compatible With: Sage PFW, Versions 5.5 , 5.6 , 2010
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Level 2 4,295.00

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Key Features of Liaison Messenger

• E-mail, Fax, Route, and Archive any form following any automation script you create. • Automate the distribution of Statements and attach past due Invoices witht he outgoing Statement.

• Embed hot-links into shipment tracking numbers on e-mailed Invoices and Shipment Notifications

• Route forms to any e-mail address, fax number, or printer based on variable data within the form.

• Send e-mail notifications to the Purchasing Manager when Inventory levels of a particular item run low.

• Easy to install and configure - Messenger automatically detects the current version, installed modules, company datasets, and location of the MBS data files. It’s simple and intuitive.

• Utilize the built-in WYSIWYG form design tool. Create new, industry specific, or unique forms for certain customers and generate them during standard forms printing.

• Print to any printer on the network, including remote printers via Citrix, WANs, or TCP/IP by form and/or by ply. •Generate Packing Slips, Pick Tickets, International Manifests, UPS/FedEx waybills and other specialized forms.

• Eliminate folding, stuffing, sealing, buying forms, envelopes and postage by using Messenger’s automated faxing and e-mailing capabilities!


Automatically e-mail or fax...

• Statements triggered upon customer's aging status or on demand.

• Order Acknowledgements - Sales Orders are entered in Sage PFW ERP, cutting down on order entry errors and improving customer satisfaction.

• Shipment Notifications when Invoices are printed. They are transmitted directly to customers indicating their order is on the way. •Salesperson, Territory and Location copies of a form transmitted based on their unique preferences. 

• Any form to multiple recipients (customers, vendors, salespeople, VARs) via fax, e-mail, and multiple printers and at the same time!


Messenger offers the ability to…

• Route plys (pages) based upon criteria you establish, i.e., all Picking Tickets for location USWEST e-mailed to a particular e-mail address.

• Attach additional files - Link word documents and/or pdfs to be e-mail or faxed with a business form 

• Live synchronization between customer record in Sage PFW ERP (fax and e-mail address)

• Configure multiple faxing and e-mailing addresses by customer, vendor and individual form.

• Print multi-part (ply) laser forms. •Reprint any forms - whether posted or unposted.

• Print marginal words on a multi-part form, i.e.. Customer Copy, Accounting Copy, etc. • Easily add additional Sage PFW ERP data onto any form from any AR, OE and PO data files.

• Pre-sort and decollate forms output automatically. This means customer copies, accounting copies, file copies print together, etc.

• Create multiple invoice formats and assign a particular format to a particular customer or function.

• Easily add barcodes to any business form. •Use a multi-color logo and/or "phantom" for all of your forms instead of ordering individual orders of each form.

• Use one "letterhead" for all forms generated.

• AR, SO and PO header and line item data is easily accessible for placement onto their respective form.

• Select Orders to be routed by: Record User ID, Vendor Key, Branch Key, Order Date, Responsibility Key, etc.

• Liaison Messenger is a great tool for a Collections Manager, giving the ability to archive Invoices and retrieve them within seconds - all without leaving your workstation!

• No additional end-user intervention. Install, configure initial setup and run. Only maintain customer and vendor preferences.

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Sales Order Entry, Queries/Quotes/Reports, Sales Order Entry, Archival, Imaging, Records Management, Workflow, E-mail/Direct Mail, Queries/Quotes/Reports, Sales Order Entry, Multiple Locations/Warehouses, Sales Order Entry, Faxing, Purchase Order Entry, Sales Order Entry