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Webtelligence is a fully integrated Web Store and Customer Portal for Sage 300 ERP with two-way integration from the web to Sage 300 ERP. Webtelligence will satisfy all of your B2B and B2C ecommerce requirements.

Compatible With: Sage 300 ERP [Accpac], Versions 5.4 , 5.5 , 5.6 , 6.0 , 6.1 , 2014
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Webtelligence turns Sage 300 ERP into a secure, customizable, web store and customer portal that will increase sales, decrease costs and improve customer service.

Webtelligence will allow your business to:

Decrease Costs

Webtelligence will automate your sales administration so you will lower operating costs by removing redundant data entry and reducing the burden on your staff

Increase Sales

Your web store works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you don’t have to.

Provide an Exceptional User Experience

Your web should reflect your brand and image you want the world to see. Webtelligence is not based on cookie-cutter, pre-defined templates. It allows you to create the shopping experience that your customers desire. By including a secure customer portal, your customers will have access to the information they want, when they want it.

Seamlessly Integrate to Sage 300 ERP

Get rid of redundant data entry! With Webtelligence, your web store is fully integrated with Sage 300 ERP. Your back office data for inventory, orders, customer history and more are read directly from within your secure web store. Orders flow automatically from the web store to Sage 300 ERP for fulfillment. Nobody has to re-key anything.

Manage Marketing & Promotions

Create powerful promotions that will increase revenue. Cross-sell, up-sell, promotions,  loyalty program, and more can be implemented to drive incremental revenue.

Exceed Customers’ Expectations

Webtelligence is more than a shopping cart. It provides your trading partners and customers with personalized access to the important information they need – at any time, from anywhere.

Why Webtelligence?

Webtelligence is the most sophisticated web store and ecommerce platform available for Sage 300 ERP. The array of features and functionality available make Webtelligence your best choice to lead your ecommerce strategy and will provide a significant return on your investment.

Solution Architecture

Webtelligence utilizes multi-tenant architecture often referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS). In a SaaS environment there is a single code base installed on a web server that is utilized by every customer; one instance of the ecommerce solution.  The customer data is protected by multi-level security so it is accessible only by those with the proper credentials.  The programs and data are replicated on multiple web servers in different locations to provide fail-over protection in the event of a problem with any one data center.  Each system monitors the other to ensure that the system stays active and any potential problems are discovered and corrected, often before the customer even realizes there was a problem.

With this architecture a Sage 300 ERP upgrade or a feature addition to the ecommerce solution make upgrades and updates fast and non-invasive. Updates become available to all customers immediately, at little, often no cost keeping your total cost of ownership low and your web store up and running without interruption.

Device and Browser Support

As more people increase their use of mobile devices in both their work and personal lives, it is imperative that your site design supports the medium of choice for your customers.  You must also make technology choices that will be supported on multiple browsers and operating systems.

Webtelligence also offers branded mobile apps that you can make available to your customers for a device specific experience.

Value of Integration

Ecommerce has evolved from its inception of stand-alone web stores with no connection to back-office systems like your ERP, tax services, shipping companies, etc. As the volume of business transacted on the Internet continues to increase, so does the burden on merchants’ staff to enter those orders into their ERP, calculate the applicable tax, get accurate shipping costs, and provide shipping notices to the warehouse, among other tasks. That requires a lot of time and expense to pay those staff.

Human error is always a factor when transcribing data from one source to another. This leads to incorrect orders being processed resulting in returns, additional shipping costs, re-processing the correct order, and unhappy customers.  All of that translates to lost revenue opportunities and a poor use of working capital.  All of it affects your bottom line.

With a properly integrated system, most of this burden is either handled automatically through the system or off-loaded to the customer who enters his own order details on your web store. All other relevant information is provided automatically from your ERP and other integrated systems. That means you can do more business with less resources and realize much higher profits with the same number or fewer staff. You will also have much happier customers because their orders are done right the first time.


The component of Webtelligence that manages the mass synchronization of data is called Dataport.  It manages this and other functions, one of which is to retrieve web orders and payments and provide them to Sage 300 ERP.

It may not be is a good idea to have orders flow immediately from the web store to Sage 300 ERP.  Consider a very high volume web store with hundreds of orders flowing in on a regular basis.  Imagine the impact that could have on the performance of your system and your staff’s ability to perform their daily functions. Rather, it makes more sense to have orders flow in at a scheduled time, under your control, when you know there will be the least impact on system performance for your staff.

The same is true for updates to item information and price lists.  This is better scheduled to happen at a time when the demand for your system’s resources are at a minimum.

Dataport gives you the ability to control how and when you synchronize your data between your web store and Sage 300 ERP.

Live Access

There are certain circumstances when it makes sense to provide real-time access to specific information that resides in Sage 300 ERP data files. For example, you may want to allow your customers to self-manage many aspects of their account, such as view previous orders, check order status, view, re-print and pay invoices, or any other self-serve function. In this case, having live access to their information in Sage 300 ERP makes sense.

Webtelligence Connect provides live access to Sage 300 ERP through a secure, IP to IP communication from the web store. When a customer makes a query of their data, Webtelligence Connect serves up the data in their browser or device for them to view and act upon. When they close that view, the data is gone from their device.  It is never stored on the web and cannot be compromised, respecting your corporate security for customer data.

Webtelligence Connect provides you the capability to offer your customers a self-serve portal that will improve your customer service levels while reducing the burden on your staff.

Managed Services

Every Webtelligence system comes with a package of Managed Services that are designed to keep your web store current, available, and effective.  These services are provided to give you the peace of mind that your web store is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you don’t have to.

System Monitoring

Web servers are, by necessity, open to everyone who has access to the Internet. This makes your products available to countless numbers of people but also substantially increases the risk and exposure to maleficent activity. In an environment where your web store is hosted as a stand-alone entity you will probably learn of problems from frustrated customers who cannot get access. The structure of the Webtelligence data centers allows us to monitor the general health and activity of the Webtelligence system and to react to any problems, or even potential problems, and correct them immediately, often before anyone else notices, including you. For your customers your web store and customer portal is always available and always functional.


North49 maintains redundant data centers to host all Webtelligence merchants’ web stores. These data centers maintain all required certifications to meet the necessary standards for security and service.

Included with the Managed Services is an appropriate level of data and bandwidth capacity to effectively run your web store. The level can be adjusted at any time if requirements change.

Product Maintenance

All product updates, upgrades, and compatibility releases are included with the Managed Services. Webtelligence is continually being improved based on customer feedback, technology changes, industry trends, compatibility with new releases of Sage 300 ERP, and more. These are all included with the monthly subscription of Managed Services for Webtelligence.

Administration Portal

The Webtelligence Administration Portal is an intuitive, easy to use tool with drag and drop functionality that makes it easier to use for non-technical staff. The Administration Portal is available via your browser from any internet accessible place and allows you full access to not only the content on your site but also the code and functionality of your website.

Content Management

The Webtelligence Content Management System (CMS) is specifically designed to allow merchants to self-manage the content of their web stores. The CMS does not require any web specific expertise. In fact, it can be managed from within Sage 300 ERP, if desired, or in its own standalone application.

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Business Needs: Credit Card Processing, Campaign Management, Credit Card Processing, Dispatch Control, Donor Management, Fundraising, Integration/Synchronization, Inventory Visibility, Member Management, Sales Order Entry, Sales Tax Calculation/Integration, Web Site Design, Sales Order Entry, Sales Order Entry, Web Site Design