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iCube WMS
A warehouse management system to structuralize your warehouse, to transact inventory and orders with workflows and by wireless scanners; and links processes with your customers and vendors to streamline the end-to-end processing.
Compatible With: Sage 300 ERP [Accpac], Versions 5.4 , 5.5 , 5.6 , 6.0 , 6.1
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It comes with the following modules to scale your requirements. It is a standalone system, runs external and integrates to Sage 300 ERP, formerly Sage Accpac. It has the client software running on scanners, windows and browsers interacting with a middleware that connects to the server software integrating with ERP through SDK. This 3-tier architecture provides performance, reliability, balance and options to best fit your working environment. Module “Wscan” This module is an inventory processing software running on wireless scanners that connects to the backend WMS system and ERP through wireless network. It process sales orders, purchase orders, inventory orders, manufacturing orders and service orders and the related transactions are posted to ERP as if they were running run within the ERP. It is the entry solution that does not need well-established warehouse structure. It processes orders and inventory transactions and post to ERP with speed, accuracy and quality. Module “Warehouse Plus” This module adds storage hierarchy and structure to the inventory system in ERP to better organize, control and process inventory. Users can configure the warehouses by zones, racks, bins to fit their requirements. It also upgrades the inventory processing capabilities in wscan with advanced options such as wave picking, zone picking and batch picking for picking process. It also comes with workflows for processing sales orders, purchase orders, manufacturing orders and service orders. The workflows control works to be done by the right people, at the right time and at the right stage to meet rules that you define with consistency. Module “3PL” This module adds data and process integration with your customers and contractors to enhance your operation to a 3PL (Third-party Logistics) warehouse. “3pl” automates the interactions, transactions and inquiries of orders, inventory and communication between you, your customers and their customers. It receives your customers’ consigned inventory and orders by EDI with auto acknowledge. Your shipment to their customers’ will be auto acknowledged. The RMA and service features allow you to get electronics services orders from your customers to serve their customers. The inventory, transaction and order status are available for your customers, and selectively available to their customers by self-services.  

Industries: Apparel, Soft Goods, & Textiles, Furniture, Home Furnishings, & Decor Service, Home Goods & Services, Personal Goods & Services, Alcohol & Tobacco, Food & Beverage, Appliances & Electrical Equipment, Broadcasting & Communications, Electronics & Computers, Scientific & Research Equipment, Chemicals, Industrial Equipment, Supply, &, Service, Equipment & Supply Rental

Business Needs: Contract Management, Assembly/Kitting & Bill of Materials, EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, Replenishment/MRP/DRP, Barcode Scanning/RFID, Handhelds/PDAs, EDI, Assembly/Kitting & Bill of Materials, Order Picking, Packing/Palletizing, Replenishment/MRP/DRP, Shipment Management & Logisitics, Warehouse Management & Automation, Shop Floor Management