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123 Sync Server for Exchange - 5-User Server License
Synchronize multiple Sage ACT! Users to their individual Exchange Mailboxes with 123 Sync Server for Sage ACT! and Exchange. Supports server-based, full, unattended, synchronization of Contact, Calendar, and Emails between Sage ACT! and Exchange.
Compatible With: Sage ACT!, Versions
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5-User Server License $1,295.00

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  • With over 1400 123 Sync Server installations worldwide, 123 Sync Server is the ideal Sage ACT! synchronization solution to communicate with Exchange from one centralized location.
  • Fast, full featured, reliable and designed to work exclusively with Sage ACT! and Exchange, 123 Sync Server provides administrators with a single point of management with dramatic administration costs reduction.
  • Synchronize your Contacts, Calendar, Emails, and more with Exchange either through a server installation or through an independent centralized workstation with Exchange and Sage ACT! access.
  • Unlimited Contacts, Calendar, Emails. There is no limitation on the number of contacts, Calendar or Emails that can be synched.
  • Feature rich. 123 Sync Server is developed with the MIS Administration in mind with redundancy, trip-switches, logging, and may more features to make setup, maintenance and long term execution easy and transparent.
  • Innovative filtering capabilities allows synchronization of data subsets of Sage ACT! Databases with Exchange for a better and leaner deployment of data:
    • All Contacts: Sync all the Sage ACT! contacts and activities with Exchange
    • Only Calendar/Calls/Todos: Sync only the Sage ACT! Activities with Exchange. Note: within the Calendar/Tasks in Exchange, contact data, notes, history, and more is embedded for better reference.
    • Group: Select  Sage ACT! Groups to synchronize with Exchange. Both static, dynamic or both types of groups are supported. This reduces the amount of data that is synchronized to Exchange.
    • Calendar Only: Sync only the contacts that have an existent activity, including the activity.
    • Activity Filtering. Enable filtering out of activities after a particular date.
  • User configurable Exchange Items Body Text. 123 Sync Server provides user configurable generation of the Exchange item body text with enhanced information on each item synchronized from Sage ACT!. Add contact history, notes, sales opportunities, and more to the Exchange items for better reference when opening those items in Exchange/Smartphone/etc... In addition, the notes for the Calendar and Tasks items incorporate the individual's details for the meeting/todo/call. 
  • Bi-Directional. Setup 123 Sync Server to either sync 1-way or 2-way from Save ACT! and Exchange.
  • Folder Level Data Dominance. Data Dominance dictates which database wind when the same item has been modified on both databases. Each folder in 123 Sync Server can be configured so that data dominance is provided to either Sage ACT! or Exchange. In some installations, Sage ACT! has dominance over the contacts while Exchange has dominance over the calendar (due to smarphones).
  • 123 Sync Server may be configured to access Exchange directly via the mailbox MAPI connector or through Outlook via the standard Outlook Folder interface.
  • Single point support of multiple Sage ACT! Databases to individual Exchange Mailbox mapping enables each installation of 123 Sync Server to sync different Sage ACT! Databases to different and independent Exchange Mailboxes from one centralized location.
  • 123 Sync Server may be run interactively or run it in the background without the need to be logged in. Command line support provides the user with the capability to schedule synchronizations via the Windows Scheduler
  • Expert Systems Technology. 123 Sync Server creates an internal knowledge base that enables synchronizations to occur at fast speeds and high reliability. This knowledge base enables:
    • A dramatic rise in performance, which in internal tests, went up 50x after the 5th synchronization.
    • No Duplicates. One of the worst side effects of synchronization software, duplicates, have been virtually eliminated in 123 Sync Server. In all our tests (and our customers), no duplicates are created whether you run the software once, 10 or 50 times.
    • Intelligent matching. 123 Sync Server may be installed on an existing Sage ACT! database and synchronize with a populated Outlook folder and 123 Sync Server has 99.99% capability to identify all the proper matches.
  • Server Licensing. Each user that is going to be synchronized has to have a valid license. Additive license allows you to add users to your synchronization as you grow.
  • Large Support Organization. With over 450 integrators, Sage ACT! Certified Consultants and resellers worldwide, 123 Sync Server is the solution to synchronize Sage ACT! with Exchange.

Product ID: 123SyncSVR-5USR

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Back-up, Data Mapping, Data Migration, Import/Export, Integration/Synchronization