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OpCenter is a "Dashboard" that integrates with Sage MIP Fund Accounting, enabling fiscal operations management with full documentation from anywhere for mid-size Non-Profit organizations.
Compatible With: Sage 100 Fund Accounting [Fund Accounting], Versions
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OpCenter is a "Dashboard" that integrates with Sage MIP Fund Accounting, enabling fiscal operations management with full documentation from anywhere for mid-size Non-Profit organizations. Hosted/SAAS enables access through an installed "client", a browser, or a Blackberry. Integration with MIP eliminates double entry.

OpCenter has 8 modules, with 121 tabs within the system. Timekeeper is a stand-alone system with biometric device attached. Employees access to view their own timesheets and vacations, as well as apply for leave with necessary documentation.
The Wizard approach enables step-by-step processing, eliminating data entry errors [shown with *W below].
Functions that can be done on the BlackBerry are highlighted with [*B].
The software is SAAS, and documents are instantly backed up to the cloud, thereby assuring anywhere access and full disaster recovery.
Management Module [6 functions, 20 tabs]
  • Programs [*B] (4 tabs) gives a 360 degree view of all current grants showing fiscal start and end and % time elapsed. Management can view amounts encumbered through purchase orders issued, deposits received with drill down to the details, and expenses incurred with drill down to the images of actual bills and checks. This is where they can add new funding sources, programs [*W] and contacts, and view inactive programs.
  • Budget (8): Add budgets [*W], receive and attach grant letters, allocate to multiple sites [*W], transfer funds between cost codes and sites, and amend budgets.
  • Deposit (2): Process funds received, print deposit slips.
  • Reconcile (4): Bank reconciliation, add manual checks.
  • Checkbook  [*B] (2): Composite checkbook for transactions from all modules.
  • Reports (4): Budget v/s actuals, single-click production of Federal Filing forms.

Purchase Module [5 Functions, 14 tabs]
  • Availability: Site Supervisors and Purchase Managers can view available funds from all sources.
  • Requisitions (3) [*W] Make a requisition for a single site single cost code, single site multiple costs codes and multiple sites single cost code. Distribute funds across multiple grants, select vendor, attach requisition document, and write internal notes for reference by approvers and auditors. View, change or delete pending requisitions; look up history of requisitions that became POs.
  • Approve  [*B] (4): 4-stage Approvals based upon criteria set by Agency. Single click approval process. Shows prior approvers. Purchase Order produced when approved by appropriate authority. Grants encumbered.
  • PO (2): View and print out approved POs, look up History. POs can also be emailed as hyperlinks since each PO is essentially a webpage.
  • Vendor (4): This data is imported from Sage MIP during initial setup. Vendors added here are posted to Sage MIP. View all vendors, with unlimited contact information. Vendor history page shows all payments to each vendor with drill down to images of PO, bill, and check.

Payment Module [6 functions, 10 tabs]
  • Enter bills (2) [*W]: Click on a PO, enter bill details, attach scanned image and send for approval.
  • Approve (2): Departmental Approval for preliminary clearance by Department approvers; Finance Approval follows. This bill is now sent to Sage MIP as API.
  • Pay Bills [*B]: Select Bank, select amount to pay. Click confirm to produce checks. Can be done from Blackberry.
  • Print Checks: View all checks to print, feed in blank stock, print them out.
  • Check Register: Shows the classic A/P details Check #, date, amount, vendor. Also shows site name, cost code, and drill down to images of PO, bill and check.
  • Reports (3): Unpaid Bills report enables deletion, transaction search runs reports by cost code across sites, grants, and bank accounts.

Customer Module [6 functions, 15 tabs]
  • Customers (2): Add new customers, upload registration documentation, select payor and co-payor with co-pay amount.  View all customers on the Home Page.
  • Invoices (3): Single click creation of invoices with documentation attached [*W]; automatically split into invoice for payor and copayor.
  • Statements (4): Automatically combine multiple invoices into a single statement for each payor, email statement as a hyperlink with all invoices listed as hyperlinks, and supporting documentation as hyperlinks.
  • Receipts (3): Track open invoices, receive payments, reconcile with all invoices [*W], generate shortfall statements.
  • Payors (3): View Payor Contact info, payment history
  • Documents: Automatic filing of all documentation, visible as per rules.

Documentation Module [3 functions, 6 tabs]
  • System: All documents produced by the system or scanned into the system are automatically filed in the cloud, accessible through this filing cabinet.
  • Manual: Upload documents into unlimited folders.
  • HR  (4): Add employees, terminate employees, and in password protected area, store and view confidential documents.

Timekeeping Module [5 functions, 13 tabs] {Works with accompanying biometric PC-based time capture system; myOpCenter enables employees to look up timesheets, holidays and leave consumption, and apply for leave with necessary documentation}
  • Employees (3): View which employee is in or out (or on leave) and which site they are at; edit employee timings, assign them to multiple sites.
  • Approve (3): Approve timesheets, overtime, and leave applications (made via myOpCenter)
  • Process (2): HR Process Admin can make final adjustments before sending timesheet to Payroll Processor.
  • Processor  (4): Specific to your company‚Äôs payroll processor; currently works with ADP, PayChex, QuickBooks and GMS, but others can be added during setup. Finally compile and generate timesheet which eliminates duplication.
  • Reports: Look up the same data employees can see on myOpCenter, and run reports.

ARRA Module [4 functions, 19 tabs]
  • Grants (4): Enter multiple grants, break them down into activities, assign weightage [*W]. Home page automatically tabulates progress, with full drill down.
  • Activities (4): All employees can see their own activities, and file periodic updates with % complete and documentation. End of period, they file a final update with the script that appears in ARRA qualitative reports [*W].
  • Jobs (4): Works with Timekeeping module, automatically calculates Full Time Equivalents as per ARRA rules [*W].
  • Reports (7): Automatically compiles ARRA fiscal reports based on transactions made in payment module with full drill down to the underlying transactions; automatically composes xml file which can be uploaded to
Admin [5 functions, 24 tabs]
  • Setup (6): Add company, sites. Import chart of accounts from MIP. Set approval levels.
  • Roles (3): Create unlimited Roles, each with view/edit/no rights to each of the 121 tabs [*W].  Set sites to be routed through department approvers.
  • Users (2): Assign users to one role, and approval levels.
  • Settings (8): Add checkbook details, design document formats, email reminder settings, HR defaults, etc.
  • Logs (5): View all logs of who logged in when, changed what to what, and what they viewed in HR.

Product ID: WorkDay

Industries: Public & Societal Benefits, Social & Human Services

Business Needs: Budgeting, Fund Management, Grant Management, Grant Management, Vendor Management, Check Processing, Procurement and Purchasing, Vendor management, Records Management, Workflow, G/L Posting Control, General Accounting, Handhelds/PDAs, Purchase Order Entry