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Duplicate Remover Expert Wizard for Sage ACT! 2012
This standalone program will combine and remove duplicate contacts and companies in a Sage ACT database.  You can check for duplicates on up to 6 fields.  You can apply "fuzzy" logic to find records that "might" be dups.  No data is lost.
Compatible With: Sage ACT!, Versions
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1-10 seats 149.99

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  • This wizard will merge duplicate contact records in a Sage ACT!. The process is as follows:
  • 1. Process all contacts in your data base or just the members of a specific group.
  • 2. Process all companies in your data base.
  • 3. Specify up to 6 fields to be used to match records to find duplicates.
  • 4. Specify whether records where one or more of the match fields are blank are to be ignored.
  •  5. Specify whether the matching is to be exact characters or to be fuzzy matching.
  • 6. Specify whether the most or least recently modified record is the record that will be retained in full.
  • 7. Selectively exclude records from the potential matches found by the program. 8. Merge fields from records to be deleted into blank fields in the record that will be retained.
  • 9. If a non-blank field that is different than the value that is being kept is present in some field in a record to be deleted, make note of that field and value in a note attached to the record that will be retained.
  • For contacts:
    • Move all subsidiary data (Notes, History, Activities, Opportunities, Secondary Contacts, and Documents) to the retained contact.
    • Retain Company Links as contact records are merged.
    • Retain Company static membership as contact records are merged.
    • Retain Group static membership as contact records are merged.
    • Merge custom table records to the retained Contact.
  • For companies:
    • Retain the dynamic criteria if present in one of the company records being combined.
    • Retain static Contacts.
    • Retain static Opportunities.
    • Retain linked Contacts.
    • Merge Notes and Histories related to a Company record but not related to a Contact.
    • Merge custom table records to the retained Company.
  • Compatible with: Sage ACT! Pro 2012 or Sage ACT! Premium 2012

  • Product ID: PECDRE

    Industries: Non-Industry Specific

    Business Needs: Data Cleansing