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Time® for Sage 50-US Edition
Sophisticated, configurable time tracking and timesheet solution for Sage 50. Track timesheets via PC, Mac, phone, tablet or via Outlook App that turns appointments into timesheets with seamless integration to Sage 50.
Compatible With: Sage 50 — U.S. Edition [Peachtree], Versions 2017 , 2018
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If time and money were synonymous, you'd be able to bank your timesheets. In reality, the route from timesheet to invoice is more complex and the time taken to achieve this can often cost more than the system itself.

Timewatch timesheet systems are specifically designed for speed. Our timesheet typically saves 1-2 hours per employee per week when compared with traditional timesheet systems, and uniquely configurable design saves administrators and managers even more time.

Although designed for the cloud and for mobile devices, our Sage integration system utilizes Sage itself to interface with the Sage desktop. Seamless integration allows end users to track time via the PC, Mac, phone or tablet, allows managers and business leaders to review employee, timesheet and project performance in real time, and with seamless integration, finance can review timesheet and billing data as if it were part of the Sage solution.

The modular design of Timewatch solutions allows for complete flexibility. Whether your organization is a small, single site company, an organization that wishes to start small, but grow the system as you grow, or a large international enterprise, there is a Timewatch solution to suit your needs, incorporating:
  • Time Recording
  • Expense Recording
  • Billing
  • Multi-Currency
  • Seamless integration with Sage 50
  • Management Reporting
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Project Management

Product Features
  • Records timesheets and expenses via PC, Mac, phone, tablet & Outlook
  • Outlook timesheet turns Outlook appointments into timesheets
  • Manager Timesheet and Expense approval
  • Auto missing timesheet email alerts
  • Optional Billing
  • Unlimited charge-out rates
  • Time & Materials and Fixed Price Billing
  • Optional Multi-Currency Billing available
  • Customizable Invoice Formatting
  • Integrates with Peachtree AR
  • Schedule and Plan Projects and Resources
  • View Resource Availability and Utilization
  • View Project Schedules
  • Drill Down Reporting, drill down from Project to Employee to timesheet
  • Powerful reporting
  • Profitability by Project, Customer, Manager, Department
  • Work in Progress reporting by Project, Customer, Manager, Department
  • Estimates vs. Actuals Reporting
  • Export data to Excel  
Product Benefits
  • Saves 1-2 hours per person per week
  • Pays for itself in minutes
  • Improves timesheet and expenses tracking accuracy
  • Manager approval and automatic late timesheet reminders remove timesheet posting delays
  • Streamlined timesheet entry reducing administration overheads
  • MS-Office look and feel means easy employee adoption 
  • Reduced time to invoice improves cash flow
  • Increases employee productive time through time savings
  • Increased profits through increase availability & productive time
  • Increased billings through improved accuracy, no "missing time" through late postings or withheld postings
  • Streamlined timesheet to billing process reduces Administration overheads and costs
  • Improved accuracy and timely reporting allows for more informed and more timely project and business decision making
  • Integration with Sage 50 removes the need for double entry, reduces administration overheads and improves accuracy and reporting
  • Resource Scheduling allows you to analyze and maximize the utilization of your Staff

Industries: Architecture & Engineering, Natural Gas & Petroleum, Utilities, Banks & Credit Unions, Investment, Securities, & Holding Companies, Insurance, Defense & Space Exploration, Municipalities & Tribal Governments, Healthcare Facility Management, Mining, Accounting, Legal, & Consulting, Higher Education & Training, Labor Resource Services, Property Management, Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Project/Job Control, Forecasting, Project/Job Scheduling, Time Management, Progress Billing, Project/Job Costing, Project/Job Scheduling, Progress Billing, Project/Job Scheduling, Time & Expense, Progress Billing, Project/Job Costing, Project/Job Scheduling, Resource Allocation, Time & Expense