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Inaport for Sage SalesLogix

Inaport is the premier integration solution for the full Sage Software family of CRM products.

  • Inaport provides class leading functionality for:
    initial data load, and
  • regular integration between SalesLogix and enterprise data repositories.
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Inaport is the premier integration solution for the full Sage Software family of CRM products, providing full support for:

  • Sage SalesLogix 6.x, 7.x
  • SageCRM 5.7 and up
  • via web services
  • ACT! by Sage

Inaport is used by channel partners and organizations around the world for projects such as:

  • Initial data load from disparate data sources, such as Excel, Access, text files and SQL Server
  • Migration from legacy CRM implementations (see also Migrator)
  • Regular import of new contact information (leads, company, contact) with sophisticated matching to prevent duplication
  • Integration with back office systems to ensure the CRM system is current

Inaport offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Step by step guidance for building integrations, with on screen context sensitive help for all steps
  • Best in class data transformation capabilities for handling all problems with testing and converting data from source to target
  • Range of matching techniques, able to handle all scenarios, including:
    • Match on any field or combination of fields, with complex expression and AND/OR combinations
    • Create if not exist, update, update or create combinations
    • Fuzzy matching, which can handle miss-spelt words with optional user review of possible matches
  • Ability to produce a PDF document of integration profiles for documentation and reference purposes.

Recent Inaport applications have included:

  • Swiss company with 14 installations of Sage SalesLogix around the world, using Inaport at each local operating company for integration to the local back office systems, and also at headquarters for data consolidation and analysis
  • UK company using Inaport to consolidate information from its accounting system into Sage SalesLogix to generate actionable information for the sales team
  • US channel partner used Inaport to consolidate over 200 ACT! Databases into a single CRM system

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Contact Management, Budgeting, Donor Management